America’s Air Cleaner?? Anti-influenza “new Weapons” – The Us’s Air Purifiers, Air

America’s Air Cleaner?? Anti-influenza “new Weapons” – The Us’s Air Purifiers, Air

Global influenza outbreak

With the North American swine influenza H1N1

to the global spread and rampant as Beijing at 9 o’clock on the 27th, the World Health Organization confirmed that 47 countries and territories worldwide total of 12,954 cases of influenza H1N1 confirmed cases of influenza, including 92 cases of deaths . WHO spokesman Hartle also warned: the virus might be like 5000 people died in 1918 as the Spanish flu, in the fall and winter seasons back. According to experts, the introduction of influenza with human to human transmission, spread and quickness. Agence France-Presse as “killers”, Reuters news agency evaluate its “unprecedented danger”, the Associated Press it was “weird disease “…… it seems overnight fatal, influenza hit the United States and Mexico and lead to the American and global concerns, and seriously threaten human life and health.

Air purification is a key anti-influenza

Chinese Academy of Engineering, said Zhong Nanshan, an expert well-known respiratory disease, H1N1 influenza main mode of transmission is through airborne droplets, such as respiratory tract infection. Therefore, to ensure life and work in safe and healthy indoor environment is epidemic prevention and control of influenza spread and jeopardize the important part. As we all know, the air is a necessary condition for human life, is also an important medium for dissemination of the disease. 2003 brought a great loss of human SARS is by droplets through the air as the main route of transmission. In the room were suitable temperature and humidity environment is the breeding ground for microorganisms, so the air sterilization to prevent influenza and other diseases have a very important significance.

The country’s largest environmental appliance manufacturers, the U.S. Environmental Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Air cleaner R & D experts said that to improve indoor air quality, air purifier is the most direct and effective measure. In addition to smoke air purifiers have, dust, odor and bacteria than the function of the photocatalyst and UV lamp network has a strong bactericidal effect, sterilizing rate can reach 98%.

It is understood that the purification of the United States have joined the anti-bacterial Product Industry Association, its unique “all-air duct sterilization technology” to become the next influenza “core weapons”, while the United States will accept the purification of antibacterial Association Product organizations market their products from time to time sampling to ensure the stability of its quality. Recommended model KJ40FR-NG, KJ40FR-NG1, KJ15F-NT, KJ10F-NM and other beauty products air purifiers anti-influenza star, its flagship product KJ40FR-NG and KJ40FR-NG1 sterilization rate is up 99.73%. In addition, from the market to understand the situation, the United States in order to AD200-F-based

Air conditioning

Fan; to S30U-H, S30A-AE model-based


These products are highly recognized by the market.

U.S. Environmental

full care of your home appliances

According to the U.S. Department of the relevant market environment for electrical personnel, the U.S. Environmental electrical line of products has strong bactericidal function of anti-influenza. Negative ions such as air conditioning fan can be achieved in dynamic sterilization; beauty humidifier, air-conditioning fan and other products for water tanks in the concentration of disinfectant added, Radix (or white vinegar) in the hot weather season, can play the role of disinfection and prevention of influenza; always open the fan, in the hot summer months to improve indoor ventilation, and a great role in the prevention of influenza. Therefore, the US-led air cleaner environment electrical products, in the days when influenza struck home all the time on your all-round care.

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